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Mawejje "Hero" Joseph

Generation Youth Uganda

What is Generation Youth Uganda?

Generation Youth Uganda is Community Based Organization (CBO) dedicated to serving Youths, Children and Old people as a whole, implementing Development, Humanitarian and Social Economic Projects. Addressing major problems facing young people e.g. HIV/AIDS, Poverty, Armed Conflicts, Drugs and Low levels of education.

OUR VISION: To equip relevant sounding morals and to raise up a God-fearing generation among youths and children in Uganda

OUR MISSION: To provide better education through providing educational facilities, developmental talents, caring and support and youth as spreading the gospel to communities of Uganda.


["Help me! To help others"]

Who is Brother Mawejje Joseph?

"I am the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Generation Youth Uganda and of the Generation Children's Choir Uganda. I love to make and meet new friends, I am a God fearing man and am born again pentecostal. I enjoy helping people in I have started many projects to Youths, and Poor Girls so that they may also enjoy the love of God... and I believe in helping one another."

We first heard from Brother Joseph in December of 2014 when he accompanied Sister Maranda Forney on the

Naomi's Daughters "The ultimate gift" broadcast.

(Listen by clicking the broadcast title above)

His testimony is powerful, his sincerity is genuine and the work he has done for the Kingdom of God through the services of GYU is an inspiration to anyone who struggles with the idea that God can use anyone who is willing and available.

Listen to the broadcast to hear his testimony.

Most recently,

Naomi's Daughters under the umbrella of Kingdom United Ministries Network has joined forces with Generation Youth Uganda in aiding with resources for the


We first launched a Go fund me "ND GYU- We Care" campaign in December of 2014 where funds were raised to send to GYU.

Our newest "Pants for a Purpose" is based the Titus 2 Woman and brings together both older women who are skilled in sewing and young ladies and girls sewing pants together for a common cause;

to send to GYU girls along with other much-needed items to help give them a better quality of life.

We will be networking and working with several other ministries and at other venues.

(If you are interested in being a part of this project or hosting an event, please contact us at [email protected] with subject "Pants for Purpose" )

Our next event is being hosted by

Pastor Beverly Smith

of the

"Covert Community Church"

Located in Covert Michigan on

Saturday 5/16/15 @ 12:00 noon

(for more information on this and future "Pants for Purpose" events, click on the link) 

To visit the GYU website


Generation Youth Uganda

Facebook page