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Recent Guest of "Naomi's Daughters"

Dr. Debbie Mirander

Radiant Tree's Staying Healthy Broadcast

I would like you to tune in to my new "Staying Healthy" Broadcast on blogtalkradio. Most Saturdays at 6:00pm - 6:30pm.

I also invite you to visit my website at www.radianttreeproduc...

We were blessed by our special guest

"Minister Debbie Mirander"

CEO & Founder of Radiant Tree Productions, LLC

& author of "Standing and Believing on the Promises of God"

Debbie is a registered Nurse with a passion for teaching and a dedication to fulfilling the Call of God on her life through the Ministry of "Radiant Integrated Covenant Health" which consist of "Body, Soul & Spirit." Listen in on how Min. Debbie discussed being "Blessed from Head to Toe" and feel free to share by going to the share button above. You are welcome!

visit Radiant Tree production's website by going to: