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Flash Fellowship Excursion #3: Bethany Reformed Church

Posted on August 8, 2016 at 9:48 AM
This past Sunday, August 7, 2016, we Ambassadors of Kingdom United Ministries Network  conducted our third Flash Fellowship excursion. During this phase of expansion, we are simultaneously carrying out reconnaissance while joining  in the worship service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We visited Bethany Reformed Churchwhere  the Senior pastor is Reverend Steven Harthorn .
First impressions:  As we were late this Sunday, the first impression was how they were prompt, due to the Pastor already being up speaking. We observed the congregation to be more mature in nature.
Hospitality: We weren't able to get an early vibe of hospitality due to our tardiness, yet we were  handed programs as we were seated.
Biblical Reflection -It was indicated how communion was taken in the previous service and it was explained how this pertained to the subject of the sermon: purity.
Praise and Worship - As we were only able to participate in the music and song choices  post-sermon,  we observed traditional Reformed renditions assisted by pipe organ aided by audio visual providing lyrics and was fairly easy to follow along.
The Message: The main text was found in Matthew 5:8 and was part of a series which focused on the Beatitudes which is a portion of Christ's sermon on the mount. With the common thread of 'blessedness' as a focus of the series, each beatitude gives a component shows how to be blessed. The focus of this sermon how purity ie. Single-mindedness or Katharos as Pastor Harthorn explained, was from the original Greek language, will allow one to "see GOD".  It was noted how "seeing" God denotes a deeper meaning than just with optical perception. This revelation and nugget of truth coincides with the very nature of our excursions to experience and share the divinely inspired directive -- that we as believers see GOD working through each other.
Outreach- As indicated via their website, the church has various outreach ministries including Project Light, Food Security Ministries, Restorative Justice and Neighborhood Ministries.
Unique characteristics - There was an announcement that there would be an opportunity to celebrate the 80th birthday of one of the parishioners. Pastor Harthorn indicated this is a special milestone to the fellow congregants which consisted of mostly seniors.
Point of interest- The footprint of participation in the community beyond Sunday service.
Benediction-Pastor Harthorn made himself available at the door 

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