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New Pew Review

Posted on May 12, 2014 at 4:00 PM
This is a new entry for this website that will prayerfully be consistent as well as uplifting, inspiring and motivating, which is always our intention at Kingdom United Ministries Network. This is the beginning of the second quarter of the year and with the onset of spring, we have several other new launches that are budding and soon to be in bloom that we pray will be as uplifting as well. along with this weekly post, stay tuned for "The Late-Bloomers Journal" - a collection of inspiring accounts of testimonials and chronicled experiences of people who have began projects, procedures, or other processes which they started later in life. Also, "Silver Linings" - a column which will attempt to find the silver lining in every troubling situation for those struggling to endure the trials and tribulation that shall occur in life. 

Concerning "The NEW Pew Review", this offering is a review of what occurred in the services or inspirational gatherings that we participated in this past weekend. We will give a review of the services and cber services that we experienced, then welcome your testimonies and experiences or responses to what has been rendered. this is just another way that we may come and reason together, after all, we are all about 'uniting, promoting and expanding the Kingdom of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ for the sake of souls. 

On Saturday, 5-10-14, Kingdom Foundational Truths continued the conversation of Angels: Holy and Unholy with a subtext of strategies and Strong holds In case you missed it, here's the link  . We took a look at what is the root of these great atrocities that have occurred and are yet occurring in the world as well as our communities, homes and hearts. James 4:1 (though not referred to in the aforementioned program) is most appropriate stating, "From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?" We also took advantage of the moment to give a shout out to Mothers, carrying the baton to be passed to the weekly Sunday evening main stay of "Dying To Be Married with Winston and Sondra Lewis".

Sunday morning we had a Prayer Brunch for our first lady Sondra Lewis, while continuing our long-standing series "Higher learning for The Higher Calling" (which probably will become a publication soon) with a subject of "Fight For Focus".This series has been chock full of nuggets which prepares novices and intermediates of faith for the next level. That evening, the DTBM special edition to mothers was aired. In case you missed it here it is  .

With these things said, what was your most memorable inspirational moment this past weekend, Ye who be of faith?

Categories: Monday Morning Pew, New Pew Review

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