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KFT #10: Giving part 1.2

Posted on January 14, 2014 at 1:39 PM
This past week, we've moved the Kingdom Foundational Truths broadcast to the 2nd Saturday in the month. As much as this may seem like it limits the output, it really opens the opportunity for other things. If you have followed our development, especially here recently, you will have observed how K.F.T. became more and more "nomadic" pertaining to when the broadcast would air.Well now we have settled on this new monthly format which will allow us to blog in between, hence, this current entry.

On Saturday, January 11, 2014, I was joined by Ambassador Sondra, sitting in for my usual co-host, Ambassador Antonio, and we proceeded to establish the basics of why "giving" is included in the twelve foundational truths that every Christian should know second nature (to know the "why" behind the "what"), I implore you to visit the archives and take a listen. As Father GOD is our source from which all things flow, we looked at GOD's view of giving and the stress that HE places on giving. Truth be told, from the thematic passage of John 3:16, we see how giving was GOD's enhanced expression of HIS love. This shows us the priority we need to place on this significant  foundational truth.

We also addressed the controversy associated with this vital truth, how it has been abused and thereby the development of disdain emanating from those who don't respect and believe in the church. We will next take a look at how GOD emphasizes in HIS word over and over again what,when, where, how and why we should give. Stay tuned as we exegete this very important component to our foundation as believers.

Categories: Kingdom Foundational Truths

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