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Antoinette Tuff

 Special Guest on Naomi's Daughters

February 7, 2014

On August 2012 our nation was riveted by the excerpts of a 911 emergency call that came from an elementary school in Georgia by their schools bookkeeper. Now in the presence of an armed man, over 800 occupants in the building, having fired a round of shots and now occupying the office with "Antoinette Tuff", he was prepared to die and take others with him.

On that day the very mention of "Tuff" took on a persona of which we'd never seen nor heard before. Her name became synonymous with Courageous, Selflessness and Caring. Heroism arose from a place of rejection, pain and loss also demonstrating to us what the power of God, faith in him and what preparation of our life's experiences can do.

Join us as we welcome this extraordinary lady "Antoinette Tuff" the author of "Prepared for a Purpose"and founder of "Kids on the Move for Success". Visit our webpage at the Kingdom United Ministries Network site and share it with others. You are welcome!

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