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Kingdom Kids Network

Every Fourth Saturday of the month

@ 10:00 am EDT.

Hosted by

Junior Ambassadors

Clinton & Imani


As most of us are transitioning into a new school year, the issue of peer pressure is sure to arise. How do you withstand the temptation to fit in? Is there a way to just "Do you" and still be accepted? Why can't we just be like "everybody" else and avoid social conflict altogether?

Join us as we discuss being different in our world today and what this means to the average teen. Invite others to listen in as well and share it with others. You are welcome!

To Listen to the broadcast,

click on the title link above to listen live or later to the archive. Or call (914) 803-4491 to listen live and press (1) if you'd like to speak the hosts!

(with permission from an adult that is)

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1(844) 755-kumn (5866) ext. 302

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